Traditionally, I’ve been more of a backend developer, never really needing to worry about how anything I create will display data, other than doing some aligned printing in a console application. The small amount of work I have done was in VB6, which was almost inconsequential, but damn was it easy. I like the idea of being able to craft some sort of interface for something though. It’s the sort of creative outlet that I like; one that puts the fun in functional. Then again, as I said before, I don’t generally do it, so maybe I’m not really able to have an opinion on the matter.

I’d like to learn some more front-end web development, but not being across the technologies makes it really hard for me to pick one to use. There’s all sorts of different ways you can handle the V in MVC, and I’m just not well-read enough to know what it is I should begin trying to learn (I don’t really know what problem I’m solving, but I don’t think that would help). I’d like to think I have the basic tenets of user interface design down-pat, but without actually applying myself, again, maybe I’m not really able to have an opinion on the matter.

I’d like to be able to have an opinion on the matter though, so I guess I better start developing some user interfaces, starting with this blog. Being pretty clueless about the current state of affairs in front-end web development I can really only take a punt and pick something to try.

I’m going to try to learn React.js. Why? Shit’s fashionable I guess. I haven’t really had to deal with all the negatives (during development) of something where having a shadow DOM would be advantageous, and I feel like to some degree it would help me to be a better web developer if I were to learn from first principles. But I’m one man, and a busy one at that, so I might as well jump in.

See you on the other side.